You will have seen a message indicating the presence of cookies when you visit our website. Cookies are installed on your device (computer, smartphone or tablet) in order to collect information about how you browse the site. Please see below for an explanation of this as well as how to control cookies by adjusting your browser settings.

An introduction to cookies:

A « cookie » is a file that contains your browsing data. It is stored on your hard disk by your browser (like your browser history for example) when you visit a website. This small file allows the server hosting the website to identify and recognize you during the cookie’s lifetime.

Why are cookies used?

There are 3 types of cookies you can use.

Most technical cookies (like session cookies) are essential to ensure the website functions correctly. Deleting them can make browsing more difficult.

Technical cookies
Technical cookies are essential to ensure the website functions correctly. They enable you to access secure areas (like pro spaces for example) using personal login details (session login and password).
They generally have a very short lifetime.

Statistical cookies (web analytics)

These cookies store your login details so the website owner can tell how many times you’ve visited the site, the average time spent on site, the most visited pages and which browser you’re using etc.

Google Analytics generates a cookie with a unique identifier that stores your IP address so that it knows the town you’re in when you connect to the internet without being able to tell which computer you’re using or who you are as an individual.

Sharing cookies (social networks)

Our website contains links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other Social Media so you share content on our site with others. When you use the sharing buttons, a third-party cookie is installed after you have given it permission. If you are logged in to the social network while browsing our website, the sharing buttons will link the content you look at with your user account.

How do you manage cookies?

There are many ways to manage cookies. Any changes you make to your settings will affect how you browse the internet and the conditions for accessing certain services that require the use of cookies..
You will be able to set and adjust your cookie permissions at any time using the methods described below.


Browser settings
All browsers can be configured to block or allow cookies on your computer:

List of procedures:

For Chrome
For Internet Explorer
For Firefoxérer+les+cookies
For Opera

Block settings (opt-out)

You can also adjust your settings directly on the platforms that install cookies using the following links. Remember that if you block cookies, a cookie designed specifically to disable cookie-related services will be downloaded onto your device. If you delete all cookies downloaded onto your computer via your browser, we won’t be able to tell if you have opted out or not.

For audience measurement cookies – installed by Google Analytics to compile statistics

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For sharing cookies (social networks)
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How do manage cookies?

For more information on cookies, visit the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) website here: